2017 Federal Regulations Seminar Agenda



Monday, July 24

Updated June 28, 2017.

0830-0835 Welcome and Introductions (Ken Beard, CSLRA)
0835-0840 Safety Briefing (Dave Buccolo, Rusty Spike Rail Services)
0840-0900 Welcome and FRA Region 7 Initiatives (James Jordan, FRA)
0900-1000 Drug & Alcohol Program (CFR Part 219) and A/I Reporting (Part 225 (Scott Lewis/Mark Gallegos, FRA)
1000-1015 Break
1015-1100 Drug & Alcohol Program (Part 219/225), continued (Scott Lewis/Mark Gallegos,FRA)
1100-1200 HAZMAT Car Storage, Trans-loading, and Security Plans (Gary Flores, FRA)
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1430 Short Line Safety Institute Presentation (Michael Long, Short Line Safety Institute)
1430-1445 Break

Topic Track 1 (main room)
1445-1545 Inspection Pits for Locomotives (Walter Escalante, FRA)
1545-1715 Hours of Service for Signals Employees (Part 234) (Joe Petito, FRA)

Topic Track 2 (breakout room)
1445-1545 Current topics in Medical Certifications and Workplace Noise Exposure (Part 240, 242 and 227) (Dr. Tim McCormick, Transportation Occupational Medicine Consultants, Inc.)
1545-1630 HAZMAT Short Line Routing Risk Evaluation using H-TRAM (Daniel Collins, Countermeasures Assessment and Security Experts, remote presentation)
1630-1715 Issues in HAZMAT Car Storage (Ken Rose, Omnitrax)

1715-1845 Reception

Tuesday, July 25

0830-0835 Day 2 Welcome (Ken Beard, CSLRA)

Topic Track 1 (main room )
0835-1015 Hours of Service for RR Employees (Part 228) (Rich Conner, FRA)
1015-1030 Break
1030-1200 Roadway Worker Program (Part 214) (Joe Riley, FRA)

Topic Track 2 (breakout room)
0835-0935 Managing Contractor Security: The eShortline Program (Jennifer Brown, eVerifile)
0935-1015 OSHA in the Railroad Workplace (Annie Richardson, Antea Group)
1015-1030 Break
1030-1200 Storm Water/Oil Spill Contingency Plans (Peter Masson/Phil Gilchrist, Antea Group)

1200 End of Seminar. Lunch for those also attending the CSLRA Annual Meeting will be held 1200 – 1300


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