Legislative & Regulatory Agenda

CSLRA is monitoring the following legislative and regulatory activity:


SB 1 (Beall) Transportation infrastructure funding
SB 1 Support Letter
AB 1 Support Letter

SB 4 (Mendoza) Clean goods movement bond

SB 224 (Jackson)
CSLRA has taken an “oppose” position. This bill is carried over to 2018.

AB 151 (Burke-Cooper) Extension of CA Cap and Trade program beyond 2020

SB 562 (Lara-Atkins CA Universal Healthcare)

AB 695 (Bocanegra)- Railroad Safety: On-Track Equipment
AB 695 Support Letter

South Coast AQMD Container Fee Proposal
Pacific Merchant Shipping Association (PMSA) oppose letter (including California Railroad Industry opposition)


Surface Transportation Board (STB) proposed forced access rules
Forced Access oppose letters to members of Congress (2/23/17)
Point/Counterpoint discussion on “Forced Access” (3/16/17)

Congress to vote on “Heavier Trucks” pilot program
Read the Legislative Alert post
Text of CSLRA communication to Representatives Valadaro (CA 21st Congressional District) and Calvert (CA 42nd Congressional District) on July 17, 2017 regarding truck weight

Section 45G Tax Credit
45G Support and Thanks Letter to Sen Feinstein